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Over the years I've specialized in making photo reports for travel and lifestyle magazines where I capture cultures, people, wildlife, architecture and atmosphere in a unique and aesthetic way.

I also deliver interior photography and corporate promotional images by portraying companies' products, activities and people.

graphic design

Do you need brochures, flyers, business cards, stationary or other promotional materials? I create the design and handle all the printing. I always search for the ideal balance between a strong design, functionality and your business strategy.

brand identity design

I design corporate identities by analyzing your business to determine your overall strategy and target group.

When it comes to designing a corporate identity, it's crucial that the image fits in with your strategy and aimed-at-audience. Therefore, I always plan an interview determining the desired image, customers and strategy of your company which I use as basis for designing your new brand identity.

web design

In my approach to designing websites I give great importance to design, brand identity and usability in which functionality, design and business strategy fit seamlessly.

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